1. What is iSelfie 4the.world?

iSelfie 4the.world is a free photo app, connected with an interactive donation campaign and a contest.

2. How does iSelfie 4the.world work?

With our free photo app, you can give your photo a new look, then save it on your computer or smartphone and also upload it with the upload button in our donation gallery. This gives your photo a social meaning. In addition, you automatically take part in our contest. Every week an undefined number of photos with the highest Likes from the gallery is transferred to the Hall of Fame. Photos in the Hall of Fame are qualified for the winner selection, which will be executed after the end of the donation campaign. There are gift boxes worth over $ 700 to win.

Participation is free.
Minimum age to participate 14 years.
Persons under 14 years of age are not allowed to participate.

3. When does the donation campaign end?

The donation campaign ends when photo donations are reached in the gallery.

4. What kinds of photos are prohibited?

The editing of illegal and pornographic photos in the photo app is not allowed and also the upload to the donation gallery.

5. What happens with my photo after the end of the donation campaign and the contest?

After the donation campaign, these will be available for a month to view. After one month, the photo will be deleted.

If you need help, our support will help you!